Pauliina ViinikanojaAbout me

Hi, my name is Pauliina Viinikanoja and I’m a Graphic Design student at Noroff University College, Norway. During my University studies in Helsinki, Finland  I came across with Graphic Design and took couple of courses. The interest stayed somewhere in my mind and now I had change to start again and deepen my experience as a Graphic Designer. I love it! There’s lot to learn and I like to challenge myself but in the end I’m doing what I really like to do.

In University I did my theses about brands and I liked studying semiotics – how people see things and combine the information (meaningful communication), study of meaning-making and sign process. I have also been a partner and worked for a company that did visual stories for marketing about products or processes that are hard to understand without previous experience.

I’m also a mom who chose to travel all over the world with her husband and children – first year we were in California, USA, then three years in Shenzhen, China and now back in California again. After giving up my job as an Key Account Manager in Project Sales for Hotels and Accommodation, I also wanted to have a new job that I could do where ever we are and that would be flexible what ever time zone we are in.