Business cards

This Project Exam was a independent work for a real client. As a result my clients in Helsinki Figure Skating Club got a logo, a brochure, a poster, a business card and a profile manual. The club had a new team formed this year and they needed a logo and the business cards, a senior team needed a brochure and the hole Club a poster of an upcoming skating event. It was four different assignments but still needed to have similarities and something to combine them together. The profile is very professional even though it’s a Sport Club. They want to aim higher and do better all the time and in all of their areas – as well in visual communication.
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The music group has contacted me and they want me to design a poster for them. I was quit excited about the assignment. This assignment was done in my first year of studying in Noroff. I had to use two almost new programs to me then and be creative. What I have learned during the courses about the programs, colors, composition and sending a message would be well measured in this assignment. Any typography wasn’t allowed to use. I have gone far from this assignment but still it’s nice to look back what I could do better now.
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