Photo Essay

In this photograph assignment we were to portrait a person to a photo essay. It had to have six images telling a story - at least one image with natural lighting, and the others were optional. I chose natural lighting for all of them but chose the time to take the photos carefully. In addition to the six photos we had to photograph one black and white studio image of a single product that is closely linked to the person in the portraits. This was used as the cover photo.

I tried to concentrate to the different angles and perspectives to create the story and capture the emotion and the feeling to the images.

I chose to tell a story about a day of an ayi (a helper) in China. How she came in the morning and left in the evening. All the work - hers as well - especially in China, comes to the salary and money. So the cover image is a pile of 100RMB bills.

The models were signed a release paper that the photographs can be published in all forms and media and all the copyrights were giving unrestricted to the photographer.