As a client project for end of the second semester, I took a challenge to design the front end of the website for the Burmesterhaus and execute the solution for the back end as well. The client — Marke and Heikki Piuhola — owns a house, in the Alps of Germany, they are renting the rooms out. Burmesterhaus has five rooms different sides.

The website needed to be both in English and in Finnish. The client wanted to have very comprehensive content. All the photos and texts are from the client but processed by me. They also wanted to have a booking opportunity for the rooms, contact form, send a link to friend form, facebook and Instagram feeds, activities what to see and explore close by Burmesterhaus and the events.

After getting more information from my client through 10 questions I had for them, I had better idea what they wanted to have and what they expect me to deliver. While the client wanted to be able to update the site quite frequently, I decided to use WordPress and to create a child theme for it to give it the unique look for the site. I designed a logo, the layout, page structure and chose the colors and typography for the website.

Check out the website and visit the Burmesterhaus! Marke and Heikki will take good care of you.

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