Finlandia Foundation San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

With my client Finlandia Foundation San Francisco Bay Area Chapter the biggest target was to decrease the amount of money they were putting into their event booking system and website.  There were several overlapping costs and I wanted to helped them to look more beneficial ways to execute their needs. After the website the monthly savings were reduced almost to zero and the event participations didn´t have to pay any extra for purchasing the tickets.

I was also nominated as a board member for the Chapter and responsible of the website and brand development. The organization got a new website with a feature of create and sign up to events, Newsletter template, Brand Manual, logo, business cards, letterhead and a video teaser of the events. It was a project that took over an half a year. It was an intense period of time and there was a lot of things to take into consideration and to solve — for example from domains to SLL certificates and new plugins and getting feedback from the board members to approved versions.



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