MyPlan is a website for a well established company supporting purchasing development activities in the companies. This company is about to launch a new SaaS app and in that process the new website was created and launched.

I started the process collecting data, interviewing the customer, exploring the competitors and getting familiar what is the differentiation and value my client brings to it´s customers. After determined the target group, we set up the goal for the website and the functionalities it should offer both for my client and the customers visiting the website.

We started from beginning. The new graphics were made to suit my clients new image. The typography, colours and elements, the hierarchy and their relationship to each others were determent.

I created the sketch in Figma with the relationships of the links and pages. Using Figma it was easy to show the client how the website would look and make the corrections already to it. As a designer I had all the information for the stylesheet (CSS) and page structure already fixed.

For the last client websites we have almost always ended up using WordPress while it´s easy to pass forward to the client to maintain the website after the process themselves. WordPress can also be modified from the beginning just as the client wants the website to be but can use elements that are working well and already created. It´s also handy with the plugins, google Analytics, SLL certificates and SEO.

This site was created using a child theme, separate stylesheet, PHP files and plugins like contact form.
Contact form and booking a short meeting was important for the client. While the company is small and all the money that could be saved is a good thing, we tested few booking apps and in the end end ended up using Calendly while it sends the link from Teams to the customer right away, synchs with Google Calendar and is with these features free to use.

I concentrated to the websites SEO. The images are cropped to suitable for screen size and named the ALT text descriptively with keywords.


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